Emotional Support Animal Registration

ESA Registration Packages

Package 1: Basic Essentials

  • Package ID: ESA-001
  • Price: $49.99
  • Description: Get the fundamentals for you and your ESA.
  • Benefits:
    • ESA Registration ID for 1 Animal
    • Digital ESA Handler ID
    • ESA Registration Certificate
    • Access to Credential Web Portal
Package 1: Basic Digital Essentials for $49.99 USD

Package 2: Comprehensive Digital Solo Support

Elevate your ESA experience with comprehensive support


  • Package ID: ESA-002
  • Regular Price 189.99
  • Sale Price: $149.99
  • Benefits:
    • Registration for 1 yr
    • ESA Digital ID for 1 Animal
    • Digital ESA Handler ID
    • ESA Registration Certificate
    • Credential Web Portal Access
    • ESA Housing Letter (Digital)

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Package 2: Comprehensive Digital Solo Support for $149.99 USD
Package 3: Family & Friend Support

Support the Whole Family's Emotional Well-Being

  • Package ID: ESA-7005
  • Price: $199.99
  • Benefits:
    • ESA ID for 2 Animals
    • Registration for 1 Year
    • Digital ESA Handler ID for 2 Handlers
    • 2 Digital ESA Registration Certificates
    • 2 Credential Web Portal Access
Package 3: Family & Friend Support

ESA Housing Letter- Digital

  • Package ID: ESA-9805
  • Regular Price: 149.00
  • Sale Price: $85.00
  • Benefits:

The ESA Housing Letter protects individuals with mental health conditions from housing discrimination, allowing them to keep their ESA without extra fees or restrictions.

ESA Housing Letter

The Benefits

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ESA Registration ID for Your Pet 🐾:

Identification for your emotional support animal, ensuring your rights are protected.

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Registration Certificate πŸ“œ

A personalized certificate to proudly display your ESA's status.
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Credential Web Portal Access 🌐

Secure online access to manage and verify your ESA's credentials.
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ESA Housing Letter 🏠

A letter to help secure ESA-friendly housing benefits.

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Fast & Easy Registration Process πŸš€

Streamlined registration to save you time and hassle.

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Options for Multiple Animals 🐢🐱

Register more than one emotional support animal with ease.

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